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Best Suit for Bangkok

Best Suit for Bangkok

The last month or so in Bangkok have seen temperatures soaring and leaving us all looking for some respite from the persistent heat. But just because normal clothes and fabrics are leaving feeling sweaty and uncomfortable, there are some options out there to help us remain both cool and smart as we brave the daytime in Bangkok. When you consider what the best suit for Bangkok is, you must also consider how to strike a balance between practicality and fashion.

At Embassy Suit Gallery, we aim to provide you with the very best suit in Bangkok, regardless of your personal requirements and the environment you will be wearing it in. So, with that in mind, we are going to be looking at what we recommend as a good option for those looking to wear a suit that will hold up well in hot tropical environments.

As connoisseurs of bespoke suits, we are all too aware that there is no such thing as one size fits all, and the same can be said of fabrics, with no-one in particular being effective and practical all year round. It is important to pay attention to the construction of the suit, especially its weight, texture and breath-ability. If you are willing to forgo some of the suit’s structural integrity, it may be worthwhile opting for an unlined or half-lines suit as they add greater ventilation. Another potential option to consider is picking a suit made with a lighter cloth and a looser weave, as it will help to maximize airflow.

If you live in a colder climate, fabrics such as tweed, wool, and cashmere are all suitable choices, as the appearance of these materials not only looks professional, but also helps keep you warm. In a climate like Bangkok, however, you would not consider any of these as ideal when considering the best suit for Bangkok’s heat.

Linen Suits

Linen is a great material for suits in Bangkok, and it is popular during the summer months in countries all over the world. Lines has a readily apparent weave and possesses and wonderful natural texture. It also has its own distinct features, such as wrinkling, but this can be avoided by using a linen blend that also uses wool or cotton, just to ensure those wrinkles do not become overly obvious in formal or office settings.

Cotton Suits

A very versatile item, the cotton suit is certainly on of the best to consider as it affords the wearer a casual, yet smart look that works during the summer months. Cotton does have a firmer feel than wool but is certainly cooler.

Fresco Suits

While we advised against wool as an appropriate choice for a summer suit, fresco wool is a completely different scenario. Derived from the Italian word ‘alfresco’, which means in the open air, wearers of a fresco suit will understand very quickly how this suit earned its name. The material is made up of many strands of yarn, high-twisted wool and with an open weave which gives the fabric a light feel that is also durable.

If you are interested in finding the best suit in Bangkok for these extra hot months, then give us a call here at Embassy Suit Gallery, home of the best bespoke tailor in Bangkok.

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