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Business Suits in Bangkok

Business Suits in Bangkok

Business Suits in Bangkok

While many modern workplaces accept a more casual approach when it comes to daily attire, nothing beats a well-crafted business suit. If you are in Bangkok and looking for the best tailor to create your bespoke business suit, then consider these steps to ensure you always look smart and professional.

No Compromising

It is imperative that any businessman should have two basic suits styles – solid navy, and charcoal grey. A charcoal grey suit is versatile in that it can be worn with a blue shirt and brown shoes in the daytime, and in the evening worn with black shoes and a white shirt. This allows the wearer to change effortlessly between a formal image, and a still smart but definitely more relaxed evening style. For fabrics, wool, or a wool-silk blend is always a good choice, and consider a notched lapel to complete the classic business look.

More Choices

After the standards suits, the next essential suit is a black suit. This is the ideal color for functions such as cocktail parties, or funerals. After that, dressier options such as plaid and herringbone can be purchased, and a double-breasted suit is always a nice option to have.

Slim It Down

The general style of suits has slimmed down significantly over the years, sop avoid looking tired, dated and sloppy by ensuring your suit isn’t excessively baggy around the arms and legs. Obviously, your body type dictates how your suit is measured, but an expert tailor, found in many of Bangkok’s best tailor shops, will be able to find that happy medium between appearance and fit.

Focus on the Shoulders

When an off-the-rack suit is purchased, there is very little that can be altered to fix shoulders that are not properly fitting. No matter how much you slim down, your suit size in commercial shops is unlikely to change as your shoulders will not lose their width. Shoulder seams should not extend further than your actual shoulders, and don’t fall into the trap of using too much padding.

Customize Your Buttons

Two button suits are generally preferred in modern suits as they afford the wearer a more elegant look and flatter the figure. When you are getting a business suit in Bangkok, ask for options on buttons and look at the different types available. The best tailors in Bangkok will have a wide variety of options available, and will be only too happy to make some recommendations.

Shirts and Ties

There are a few terms that you should be aware of, so you can let your tailor know if something is wrong. Pirate sleeves are when the shirt has tight cuffs and baggy arms, flying squirrel is when there is too much fabric under the armpits, and muffin tops refers to excess fabric billowing around the waist. For shirt colors, white is always the best selling colour, simply because of the versatility it affords the wearer. You should buy your ties at the same time as your shirt and avoid ties with fluorescent colors or childish patterns.

If you are looking for a new business suit in Bangkok, then check out Embassy Suit Gallery, the best tailor in Bangkok.

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