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Clothes Make The Man

Clothes Make The Man

“Clothes make the man.” said Mark Twain long ago and even in this more casual world, it could not be truer.  Today we have many more choices, as we see everything from blue jeans to tuxedos at the Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore – even as the finest musicians in the world perform there.

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But although we are free to dress down, it takes something away from the event as we experience it.  Why not take advantage of such a rare opportunity to really dress up and make a night of it.  After all, Mark Twain’s quote is often cut off, but he actually said: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

But what to wear to such an event?  The answer to that question is as varied as personal taste and on any given night the answer might not be the same.  In fact it shouldn’t be the same.

Perhaps if it is Aaron Copeland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” or “Rodeo” that you will see that night.  Well then maybe a very fine pair of jeans might fit the occasion, especially in that unique Singapore venue.

Often at such an event, however, you are celebrating the opportunity to see an amazing talent performing live for your pleasure.  Although the audience may include thousands of fans, for you the experience is singular, personal and important.  Such an event is more of a treasure, if you are truly relaxed and comfortable and yet you feel you are paying due respect to the artist.

Many people with the wherewithal to wear anything they choose would say that is the night to wear either your most comfortable tuxedo or your most comfortable conservative suit.  The finest artist playing the cello, the piano, the violin or another favorite instrument, deserves no less.  And for you, as you sit there enthralled by their performance, you deserve to feel that you belong there too.  Sometimes in life we choose to stand out, but at times like these, we follow a program that fits and feels good, like the right fitting clothes we are wearing.

An example of a comfortable conservative and well-designed tuxedo alternative is shown here.  Notice the simple 2 button design which includes an optional cummerbund that is quite forgiving of that creme brulee you might enjoy with your dinner before the symphony.  Everything, from the shirt buttons to the simple yet sharp design of the lapels, says you have timeless good taste.

An example of an equally comfortable conservative and yet fashionable suit is shown here.  Notice the 2 button design of this 100% fine wool garment with still narrow lapels which echo back to a 60’s style that Sean Connery might have worn as 007.

While this might also be the best choice of suit for your most important job interview, it is a marvelous choice because the fit is excellent and yet forgiving.  You are not even thinking of the suit as you walk to the Esplanade Concert Hall, as you hurry to your seat and quickly sit down.  Nothing is pulling or stretching, it is perfect, just as the night will be – perfect.  And isn’t that what you are hoping for each time you buy the expensive tickets to such events – a perfect night.

Position yourself for such success, be prepared for such perfection, and ensure that kind of happiness enabled by choosing and building the right wardrobe.

Imagine reflecting on that night at the Esplanade, as you win over your new boss in your upcoming interview while wearing that same suit; and you will be glad you made that investment in the suit and in yourself.

Alternatively, imagine the company New Year’s party as you wear that same tuxedo again and you appear so uniquely relaxed among all the celebrants, because it is not new to you.  Such events in your favorite tuxedo are something you are obviously accustomed too. That shows true class and even though “clothes make the man,” true class comes from you and from the confidence you have in your own kind of perfection.


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