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Modern Formal Attire

Modern Formal Attire

Keeping It Simple

It is easy to forget what you originally planned, and instead get carried away when ordering a new suit. There is no need to ‘tick every box’ and overload your new suit with endless amounts of extras, such as tie pin, collar bar, pocket square or braces. Instead, it is time to scale things back, and trust the simplicity of the suit to compliment your personality and allow you to maintain a more natural appearance.

No Need for Slim Fit

The ‘slim fit’ design has been a mainstay in the fashion world for the better part of 10 years, but its decade of dominance is finally coming to an end when it comes to the world of formal business attire. Whereas purchasing a slim fit suit was supposed to afford the wearer a slender appearance, it all too often results in them looking uncomfortably tight. Join in the new wave of tailoring by embracing suits that match your body shape, rather than constricting it.

Comfort Can Be Classy

While you may be tempted to purchase a suit that is highly structured, it can be somewhat liberating to wear a garment with a less rigid approach, and actually allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day. By adding a slightly over-sized garment on top, such as a larger jacket, you can ensure your suit has plenty of additional space underneath…just make sure you get the sleeve lengths correctly altered.

Here at Embassy Suit Gallery, we pride ourselves on being the best tailor in Bangkok at providing a contemporary collection of styles that will truly allow you to express yourself as a connoisseur of modern clothing.

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