When I design a suit for you, I consider all that must be done to present you in the best possible light – to provide you with supreme comfort and effortless movement.

A first fitting is the initial step in the process of creating a tailored suit. I’d like to understand as much as I can about you, including what you do, who you see, and where you travel. This information is crucial to me because it allows me to advise you on the best textiles for the situations in which your suit will be worn.

After you’ve chosen your fabric, take a 5-minute measurement and you’re ready to design your own clothing. They have been painstakingly translated into a pattern that is completely unique to you. This is what we’ll use to make your suit.

The second fitting is a try-on of your new suit, after which additional modifications are made to begin the finishing process. Once your new suit is finished, your pattern is established, and you can be assured that I will always have your size, no matter what!


Shirts that fit perfectly have never been more crucial! When buying ready-made shirts, you always have to make a compromise somewhere – get the collar correct but the rest is too big, get a good thin fit but you can’t do the collar up, or the sleeve lengths aren’t perfect.

Not so with handmade shirts from Embassy Suit Gallery! Each shirt is manufactured specifically for you and only you, and is tailored to fit you perfectly.

Each shirt may be as distinctive as you want it to be with a variety of collar and cuff styles, as well as button, thread, and trimming options.
You can choose from a wide range of materials from the world’s leading shirt mills, including different weights, colors, and textures. You’re certainly spoiled for choice, and we can help you establish a diverse shirt collection with alternatives suitable for any event or occasion!


The idea of wearing a suit to work is one that most guys are familiar with. Isn’t it pretty simple? Suit, shirt, and tie are all you need.

However, if your employer adopts a “Smart Casual” dress code, it can be difficult to know what to wear on a regular basis for the various situations that arise during the course of the day.

You may have five suits and they’ll cover you for the majority of the year. Smart casual, on the other hand, adds to the headache by requiring you to consider several seasons of the year!

If the foregoing has piqued your interest, don’t worry – I make it simple by assisting you in gradually building a smart casual wardrobe that is fully coordinated for every season and educating you along the way so you are never in doubt when picking what to wear each morning! Jackets,trousers, shirts & more that are stylish



Is your coat wearing you, or are you wearing your coat? I make a variety of coat types to keep you looking beautiful no matter the season, weather, or scenario.

My topcoats and raincoats go down a storm (sorry, couldn’t resist) with my clientele during the working week. You’ll arrive with grace and presence, whether you’re wearing a tailored topcoat over a business suit or a classic Burberry-inspired raincoat to protect you warm on rainy days in between meetings.

When you’re not working, I’ve designed and created a range of fantastic casual coats and jackets, including an above-knee raincoat, bomber jackets in corduroy, moleskin, or flannel, peacoats, and a car coat that softens the traditionally formal look of the topcoat into something effortless to wear and looks great with a t-shirt or sweater & jeans at the weekend or on those cooler spring & autumn nights out.


Your special day means as much to me as it does to you. I guarantee it. You’re in good hands because we’ve received several accolades in the wedding business. Some grooms know precisely what they want when it comes to arranging a large day or celebration, but the majority have no idea where to begin. Some grooms know precisely what they want when it comes to arranging a large day or celebration, but the majority have no idea where to begin. You don’t have to be concerned. I am an expert at assisting you in finding the ideal wedding suit.

I will assist you in selecting the perfect attire to make you the finest compliment you can be to your loved one, whether your wedding is formal, contemporary, or rustic the majority of weddings are one of the three! Morning suits, dinner suits, contemporary wedding suits, and much more are among the formal attire options I offer for weddings and other special occasions.

That’s the beauty of a custom wedding suit: I design and make it specifically for you and your event.



Tweed clothes are one of my favorite things to make for our clients, and tweed shooting suits are no exception! Many of the shooting suits I make for clients consist of at least three components: a shooting jacket, a gilet, and plus twos or fours.

When you’re on set, you want to be sheltered from the elements, warm and comfortable, and have plenty of room to move around. To reduce constraint, my shooting coats include either an action back or action shoulders.

Why limit yourself to just wearing your shooting outfit to a shoot? There’s no reason why your shooting jacket couldn’t be worn with jeans or contrasting tweed trousers for elegant casual events thanks to creative design! To complete the look, add a more classic waistcoat and trouser.