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Suit Mistakes to Avoid

Suit Mistakes to Avoid

Suit Mistakes to Avoid

If you visit embassy Suit Gallery, the best tailor in Bangkok, our expert staff and tailors will prevent these mistakes from happening. But, just in case you go somewhere else, here are some suit buying mistakes you should really aim to avoid.

Baggy Trousers

If you find your trousers are too long or baggy, this can present you image as sloppy and untidy. Baggy trousers also server to diminish your stature, making you appear shorter. It is recommended that the bottom of your trousers barely touch the top of your shoes.

Shoe Color

Shoes are one of the items that people immediately notice, thus choosing the wrong option can leave you with a poor first impression. For shape, it is best to stick with rounded or moderately pointed, with square shapes being undesirable.  For color, opt for brown or black leather uppers and leather soles where possible as these two colors work best with any suit color.

Tie Length

Your tie should be a particular length and this applies every single time you wear one. The length of your tie should fall in-between the top and bottom of where your belt buckle is and should not be any shorter or longer than this. To make sure you get the length right every time, practice tying your tie making sure it is tied firmly.

Shirt Size

This can be easily avoided by making sure you try on your shirt first before purchasing. Clothes can fit differently especially when it comes to formal wear like suits so it is important to always try on before you buy. If your shirt is too big, it can be very unflattering for your shape and can look frumpy and messy, so make sure your collar has no more than two fingers of room. Also, make sure the shoulder seams hit the edge of the shoulder and that there is no excess fabric around your torso when tucked into your trousers.

Accessorize Sensibly

Accessories are a great way to mix up your look and add a little personality to your suit, however it is possible to go overboard. You should never wear no more than three accessories with your suit, and when you do wear them, make sure they’re subtle. Go for a nice watch, a pocket square and a tie bar and make sure they’re not too bright and gaudy looking. Too many accessories that have too much color can hurt the eyes and give off a novelty look.

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