Tailoring for Larger Men - Embassy Suit Gallery
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Tailoring for Larger Men

Tailoring for Larger Men

Tailoring for Larger Men

A well-crafted bespoke suit from the best tailor in Bangkok, Embassy Suit Gallery, can help a gentlemen to look and feel his best when at work, attending a function, or another special event. By visiting a tailor like Embassy Suit Gallery, we can ensure you get a suit that fits perfectly, and for those who are larger in size, the value of a bespoke suit is definitely appreciated.

Embrace and Enhance

Achieving the correct fit is essential, and if you are broader than average, visiting a skilled tailor is even more important. Don’t be tempted to ask for the suit to be overly big, as that will only increase the perception of your size, but also be realistic, and don’t request a skinny fit. Try some different fits, and find one that complements your shoulders, arms, legs and torso.

An Eye for Detail

Once you’ve got the fit, it’s time to concentrate on the details. When it comes to the suit jacket, try and look for one that has a lower break. This should be where your lapel meets your first button and if this is lower, it should sit in line with the waist if your torso is slightly longer. As well as this, go for a lapel which is mid-width so that it is in proportion with the width of your jacket. This should also apply to the tie so that it’s in scale with the amount of fabric on show. Also if you can, opt for a jacket with slanted pockets as these will make the torso look slimmer.

Focus on the Shirt

A plain white shirt is always a prudent choice, but subtle shades of blue and grey also work. Ensure your shirt has enough length to be properly tucked in, and avoid collars that are over-sized, as they can enhance your larger stature.

The Correct Trousers

Suit trousers can be difficult to get right. The length is a fundamental part that must be correct. Those who are tall must be careful that it doesn’t sit too high above your foot, and shorter men must ensure the leg they don’t overlap your shoes. Also, avoid packing your pockets full of accessories such as phones and wallets, as this impacts on your shape, making you look untidy.

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